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Achieve your goals

Whether you want to develop yourself in your current role, take your first step into leadership or are leading already and need support to advance or to get more from your teams, effective coaching and mentoring from McQueen can help you achieve this.

My effective programmes include:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Conquer the Boardroom Workshops
  • Virtual Leadership Academy

Any, or all, of these can help you achieve your career, leadership or life ambitions – helping you make long-term change and to be your best self.

Working with me means having a dedicated coach and mentor who’s on your side, using a programme tailored to your needs. And my independent role means I can give you impartial, non-judgmental support, working in confidence to help you realise your goals.

Coaching supports you in career changes, leadership, fulfilling ambitions or putting more purpose into your life.

To book your free, 30-minute explorative session with me, get in touch. Or read more about how the programme works. 


My support is all about you and what you need and our work together will be underpinned by supportive coaching & mentoring.

I will challenge you to help you see things differently and to find your own solutions.

And because your life is busy enough, I offer flexible hours outside of the normal working day if you need.

Your confidential, tailored programme could include:

  • Non-judgmental coaching and mentoring independent of your organisation
  • A package of coaching sessions – usually 90 minutes per session, a minimum of three sessions
  • Facilitated learning and networking virtual workshops
  • A peer-to-peer virtual leadership academy for ongoing discovery and development

Flexibility that helps:

  • Mix face-to-face with remote support
  • Out-of-hours support – weekend, evening and early-morning support available
  • Spread the payments to make it easier to invest in yourself

How long does the process last?

This depends on the programme we agree together. As you may need time to implement the learning and develop practice using your new techniques, I suggest at least three months to allow us to review your development. You can also learn from a standalone workshop if you aren’t able to commit to a more focused package.

How do you set my programme?

Before we start, we’ll discuss your journey so far, your current situation and what you want to achieve. From this, I suggest a bespoke coaching-based solution and create a development plan to make sure you stick to your plan. The process is designed in conversation with you so that you have ownership of the change. With my support, you’ll start to use tools, techniques and new strategies that motivate you to develop – and sustain behaviour change.

How will coaching help me?

By looking at your work style and values, we’ll work together to build on your confidence and develop your positive behaviours and identify techniques so you can stay on top of limiting beliefs and traits. Because it’s designed for you, it will help nudge you towards a goal. You will feel supported to change and this change should improve how you interact with your colleagues and customers – and you’ll probably see improvements in your personal life too

How much does it cost?

My coaching is competitively priced. If your company is meeting the costs, I can design your programme to match its training budget. If you’re paying for your own career development, I offer a spread payment option if you need it. And well done for valuing your goals and investing in yourself!

Virtual Leadership Academy

Virtual Leadership Academy is an alternative to coaching that helps you to grow through peer-to-peer, facilitated support, live mentoring & training. In this group you’ll meet once a month for 90 minutes in a virtual leadership academy to discuss and share leadership dilemmas under Chatham House rules. Topics are set by the group and I facilitate the session to ensure learning and encourage resolution of your challenges. The academy is a community of like-minded professionals moving into leadership, or developing in a leadership role, there is a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share information with your peers.



“I was very fortunate to have worked initially for and then with Edwina for quite a few years. When she was my manager and coach/mentor I gained so much regarding management and leadership and how to be a good and respectful leader. The lessons learned have held me in good stead for where I am today. “

Myra Wall, Managing Director and CEO, Skillsfirst