Education and Training


Workshops are part of my core leadership and mentoring programmes or available as a standalone service.

They can be adapted to your organisation, including the timeframe and combining subjects. For any team members taking part who are on an apprenticeship programme, these can be part of their 20% off-the-job training requirement.


Workshops are for a minimum of six people. Most are delivered on site. Day sessions run 10am to 5pm, half-day sessions are available for some topics.

Know your Leadership Style

Effective leadership is knowing how to use the appropriate leadership style to manage individuals in specific situations. This session looks at understanding your own leadership style and the style of others and how to make a positive impact on performance in your business and team working environment.

Recommended time: 1 day

Create a Coaching Culture

Developing a coaching culture will embed coaching skills into your organisation. In this session, leaders and managers will learn questioning and coaching techniques to enable others and gain an understanding of the impact of leadership behavioural styles on performance. Being a leader as a coach helps to draw out the skills in your teams and bring about real culture change. True leaders pull up other people in their organisation so there are multiple opportunities to develop and contribute to a common purpose

Recommended time: 2 days

Generate Success through Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships can be used to upskill your current workforce as well as fill skills gaps and create your next generation of talent. This session will help you navigate the Government’s regulations and policy to get more out of apprenticeships – from selecting and monitoring training providers, to maximizing government funding. Whether you’ve an established apprenticeship programme or are dipping your toe for the first time, you’ll leave with a greater knowledge of apprenticeships and a selection of simple steps you can implement to create a richer apprenticeship programme

 Recommended time: 1 day

Coaching and Mentoring Apprentices

With the introduction of the new apprenticeship standards, there is more reliance than ever on managers supporting and developing apprentices in the workplace.  In this session managers will learn questioning and coaching techniques, how to create a holistic apprenticeship training experience, using coaching and mentoring and gain an understanding of why coaching and mentoring is integral part of an apprentices training

Recommended time: 1 day

Improve with Consultative Sales

Transactional selling is no longer the effective tool it was. Businesses need to find additional ways to respond to customers and demonstrate value and understanding of their needs. In this workshop, your sales team leaders will learn consultative selling techniques, such as how to create a compelling customer value story, active listening techniques and the secrets of asking great questions

Recommended time: 1 day

Conquer the Boardroom

A series of four leadership and networking workshops, delivered remotely. The series covers: Leadership Styles; Influence & Impact; Building Resilience; and Powerful Negotiation

Sessions are 90-minutes each and limited to 10 people

To discuss these, or to create bespoke workshops for your organisation, get in touch.



“Great workshop with good emphasis on story, value and relationships as opposed to how to sell a product.”

Phil James, CEO, The Leadership & Management